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E4A – Anthony Saltis | Philosophy and Medicine

This episode is co-hosted by Kas Gregory and Supakarn Nakavisut. We interview Anthony Saltis about Philosophy and Medicine, touching on Medical and medicinal anthropology, medical ethics, identity, and the construct of time. Sometimes we got a bit side-tracked, but hopefully you enjoy, nonetheless. We recorded an impromptu interview, and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Anthony is currently studying Medicine at the University of Sydney and also has received a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Newcastle. Supakarn is currently teaching in Myanmar after receiving his Bachelor of Music (Honours) from the University of Plymouth. Kas is studying his PhD at the University of Newcastle, after completing a combined Bachelor of Mathematics (Applied Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science (Chemistry – Honours – University Medal).

03:08 – Medicinal and Medical Anthropology
07:41 – World Health Organisations amendment to a position statement on health.
12:59 – Validity and Truth concepts in medical research
15:03 – “Medicines the Law”
17:44 – Medical Ethics – COVID-19
21:46 – Four Pillars of Medical Ethics
23:09 – Karma 24:35 – Consequentialism
29:59 – “What is Life?”
31:11 – Parfit Brain Transplant and Personal Identity.
34:04 – Schopenhauer type philosophy then Determinism.
37:20 – Interruption of Anthony to discuss time.
39:54 – Sensory Deprivation Tank Testimonial from Supa
43:22 – Inspirations to study Medicine

The YouTube version will be delayed, as I haven’t yet made the SMArt, and I am working on a new idea.

By Kasimir Gregory

PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle investigating specific-ion effects.

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