Anion The Future: About the Project

Anion The Future is a podcast for exploring academics novel ideas, origins and networks. It aims to bring advanced current research to an accessible level for all and see where we, as a society are headed. It is a discussion of ideas and stories. Ideally we’ll cover a broad range of fields, from science to accounting to agriculture to education.

Anion The Future is hosted by Kasimir Gregory, a current University of Newcastle PhD candidate. His research area is an investigation of specific ion effect via computational and quantum chemistry. In other words, looking at many different salts (beyond just sodium chloride table salt) by using a super computer to perform intensive calculations quickly. These allow theoretical calculations to be visualised, when this can’t be done with current experimental techniques. His view of the future in this field is that more reliable predictive theories could be used to accelerate our research and understanding of many parts of medicine, power technologies, nutrition and many more areas of research.