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E1 – Professor Sue Gregory | Virtual Worlds and Online Learning

In this first episode of Anion The Future I am joined by Professor Sue Gregory to discuss the future of education.

3:10 – How prepared was the education sector for COVID-19?
7:47 – Unexpected Challenges that have evolved
11:05 – Virtual Learning and Virtual Worlds
18:46 – Virtual and Augmented reality in Education
24:08 – Phones in Education
25:55 – Social media and alternate learning sources
30:19 – Sue’s Career 35:55 – Collaboration benefits
37:11 – Obstacles 40:05 – Dream Project
45:30 – Changes to the Education system?

For more information about Sue visit: For more information about the podcast visit: Anion The Future is a podcast hosted by Kasimir Gregory for exploring academic’s novel ideas, origins and networks. It aims to bring advanced current research to an accessible level for all and see where we, as a society are headed. It is a discussion of ideas and stories. Ideally, we’ll cover a broad range of fields – from science to education.

By Kasimir Gregory

PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle investigating specific-ion effects.

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