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E2B – Brent Gregory | Accounting & Making the World a Better Place

Brent and I discuss Accounting and its role in society, touching on COVID-19. We than walk through his career, with a slight divergence to discuss the Earle Page College Coast Run, that has now was over half a million dollars for the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI).

00:00:45 – What inspired a career in Accounting?
00:07:00 – Impact of COVID-19 on our Economy. Are we valuing the right things?
00:18:15 –  Accounting research – Sustainability.
00:27:20 – Researching student outcomes – a holistic approach.
00:32:10 – “Student DNA”
00:35:35 – Career – Postmaster General – Things learnt on the job.
00:55:02 – Starting a movement – The Earle Page College Coast Run
01:10:17 – Post-Sydney/Uni Career – Applied research
01:16:35 – Time off – working online
01:18:05 – The inspiration to become an Academic
01:19:15 – PhD idea “How the Capitalist system is failing society” – Why this PhD got stopped – “Elephant in the (University) room”
01:21:45 – Research for the students. Applied research in teaching.
01:23:54 – The RENT model – Recording, Environment, Needs, Teams
01:28:25 – Scalable “personalisation” of teaching.
01:30:00 – Next episode information

SMArt – “Time to Unwind” by Kasimir Gregory

By Kasimir Gregory

PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle investigating specific-ion effects.

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