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E4B – Anthony Saltis – Competence and Culture

This is part 2 of the episode co-hosted by Kas Gregory and Supakarn Nakavisut, interviewing Anthony Saltis. We discuss time travel, Capitalism, mobile phones in society, the Dunning-Kruger Effect, education, children in parliament and happiness vs productivity.

00:42 – Time Travel Philosophy

06:10 – Antibiotic resistance

09:05 – Work Culture and pandemics – Capitalism

13:20 – Unified moral preference of society

16:25 – Mobile phones in society – dopamine machines

25:15 – Dunning-Kruger Effect – The four stages of competence

34:00 – Anthropology – risk-taking behaviours

38:15 – Experienced teachers

43:45 – Thailand Education Reform

46:40 – Finnish Education system

49:19 – Children in Parliament?

53:35 – American Election (talked about in early September)

56:48 – Happiness vs Productivity

The YouTube version will be delayed, as I haven’t yet made the SMArt, and I am working on a new idea.

By Kasimir Gregory

PhD Candidate at the University of Newcastle investigating specific-ion effects.

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